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Get to know Mary

     I believe quilts are more than just a functional cover for warmth.  Quilts are a connection to the person who made them. They can help with healing, inspire us to share memories and give the quilter a creative outlet like no other.  

     When an acquaintance learns that I teach quilting they feel compelled to share about their mother, grandmother, aunt or friend who quilts and made them a treasured quilt. My business promotes these connections by completing quilts from vintage blocks or other unfinished projects and by teaching and speaking to quilters who understand the power of a quilt.


  • T-Shirt Quilts
  • Long Arm Quilting
  • Commission Quilts
  • Vintage Quilt Repair
  • Binding

How to contact Mary:

Email or phone are the best ways to reach me to make an appointment.



(913) 424-3697

I meet many clients at Harper's Fabrics and Quilts in historic Downtown OP.  7918 Santa Fe Drive, across the street from the clock tower.  

Lectures and Workshops for Quilt Guilds

Inspiration, ideas and information are what I share in my talks and workshops.  Here are some of the topics I would love to present with my trunk shows:

  • My Favorite "F" Word is Finished!  --How to Get Your UFOs Done.
  • Fabric Choices:  Getting the Most out of Color and Value
  • Machine Quilting on your Domestic Sewing Machine
  • Stitching Your Memories into Quilts: T-Shirts, Photos, Linens, Clothing and More.

I also have workshops that correspond to these talks.

  • Playing with Color in Your ScrapBasket
  • T-shirts for Quilts
  • Machine Quilting on Your Domestic Machine (both free motion and with a walking foot)
  • Machine Quilting on Your Sewing Machine with a Walking Foot
  • Free Motion FUN!

Contact me to schedule your presentation or workshop.